Monday, April 19, 2021
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Aare Tamm: a country house is not hit

Aare Tamm
Aare Tamm

The title falls into the category of ethics, but what exactly is ethics?

The term “ethics” comes from the ancient Greek language and means “the science of customs and practices”. The terms “ethics” and “morality” have the same meaning.

At times, ethics and morality seem to be something that belongs to the age of knights. A time when morality and protection and assistance to the weak were glorified. But it is a distant past, a forgotten time and customs. Perhaps it also refers to the era of Miguel de Cervantes, written in the early 1600s. Against the background of humor and science fiction in his novel The Witty Hidalgo Don Quixote of La Mancha, ethical values ​​such as honesty, kindness, chivalry and courage stand out. Values ​​that are in the shadows today. But must that be the case? Do not have to. The wisdom of the forefathers must be put into practice – lost morals must be honored again.

It is painful to admit that a deceiver cannot escape a single condemnation or a single punishment, but when the act becomes public, the culprit is immediately tried to lie down and then everyone in the country is stifled. What was behind the mistake doesn’t matter. Nobody cares what the country house feels. What happens next is his own problem.

There is no one who is absolutely right from birth to death. Apse occurs in the workplace, in traffic, in relationships with other people, and so on. There’s only one “but” – I haven’t missed it! It’s like giving the right to hit a country house.

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It is clear that the offender has deserved his punishment and will receive the punishment. There are law enforcement agencies that do their job professionally and in accordance with the law. But so often bystanders convict the country house even before the verdict. As if there were not enough punishment to be imposed, self-appointed judges will diligently add.

How many punishments should be wrong? Does a country house have to be secured underground for one coffee machine? What’s next? Can’t guilt be fixed and life go on? These questions are waiting to be answered. You can think that ‘s what my thing is. Its your business. He got caught.

This is not an isolated incident. Hitting a country house has been declared perfectly acceptable by modern morality and ethics. There are rarely anyone who would say: help though! Stop beating! There is a definite need to change attitudes here. It seems that the lost person is no longer considered human. How much a person has done good in his life and how necessary he has been for society, the workplace, his companions has been forgotten. How much value a country house has created that the “righteous” use in all their peace would not cost anything.

Wrong is still a human being. A person who feels pain, shame and anxiety. Maybe it would be necessary to go and support him, to encourage him to go further and avoid mistakes in the future. By acting in this way, perhaps the general morality and ethics will start to improve. In this way, the general attitude also changes drop by drop. Fair does not mean evil. Mercy and grace are far from a sign of weakness.

There are not so many of us in Estonia that we can treat each other mercilessly. We are a small nation, but we try to be bigger than we are. We are thrilled with the achievements of our athletes and the progress of our scientists. We like to be noticed and praised. We try to please the “big ones” with all our might. But this attention can rarely be enjoyed. Something more permanent would be needed, which would be visible and audible from the outside at any time. I believe that it is appropriate to recall here the golden words said by Jakob Hurt, an Estonian folklore and linguist, clergyman and public figure: “If we do not grow in numbers, we must become in spirit!”

The whole world can beat down country houses, but it is of great value to help them. The opportunity for us to grow up is to do so, to maintain high morals and ethics. Avoid condemning others. It is appalling to hear policies built on contempt for others and the search for the fault of others, rather than pointing to better choices, presenting good ideas and better solutions. All this can be done without denigrating or insulting others.

We still have a lot of room for improvement in morality and ethics. If we want to be great in spirit, let’s take it as a goal and don’t hit the country house!



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