Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Aca Lukas: I will never sing at weddings again, I will not have to spend money wherever they can!

Youtube / Svetlana Ceca Raznatovic

Ceca and Aca Lukas

Folker Aca Lukas, unlike his colleagues, decided to dedicate himself to business obligations, although he has not performed for months due to the situation with the corona virus.

– I would not like to debate whether it is time to betray. I think that now is the moment to release, precisely because there are no performances, we have to live from something, from selling the album… It is a kind of income, at least for me – the singer points out.

– The situation is difficult for everyone. In the last year and a half, I have had 2 performances. I even canceled the concert in Macedonia, so that they wouldn’t blame me. I didn’t have covid, I got vaccinated. I have been tested 10 times, I have been tested for antibodies five times, and I have neither. I am not afraid of anything, just an earthquake – Aca added and revealed that he took as much as 100,000 euros for one performance.

– All those for whom money is number one, earn it, but not nearly as much as people for whom a good job comes first. We earned the most money in the combination of Sasa Mirkovic – Aca Lukas. New Years are the most expensive performances. Did I work for 100 thousand for the New Year, I did and I worked for more. Money comes and goes – Lucas concluded.

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He also discovered why he doesn’t sing private joys.

– The last time I sang at a wedding in Rome and I said never again. I should sing so that they can put money wherever they can, and after that money I give to someone, I can’t do that. 20 singers like to come, Ceca and I were paid, and the other singers watched, and then I have to give that money to pay all the other singers, that is out of my mind – said Aca in the show “Premiere”.



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