Monday, March 8, 2021
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Home Breaking News Adrian Marinescu, about the moment when "things will be more balanced"

Adrian Marinescu, about the moment when “things will be more balanced”

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The relaxation of restrictions in Romania comes with the “release” of hospitals. Adrian Marinescu, about the moment when “things will be more balanced”.

Our relaxation comes with the release of hospitals, ie in summer, according to a first estimate made by the infectious disease doctor Adrian Marinescu.

“When we have 25% of the vaccinated population, it is beginning to be seen in practical terms, in the sense of lowering the pressure at the medical level. These things will happen, let’s say in the summer or in the second part of the summer, things will be more balanced, even if we will not get rid of the pandemic completely “, said Adrian Marinescu, infectious disease doctor at Matei Balş.

Until then, we must comply with the protection measures. Social distancing, frequent sanitation and wearing a surgical mask. The only times we get rid of wearing a mask are when we have physical activity.

Children will enjoy physical education classes in the schoolyard as before, without masks.

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“It is obvious that when you carry out a physical activity, basically speaking, it is not good to wear a mask. It’s not medically good. And then we will find the best options for the little ones, they will stay outdoors, they will keep the distance in such a way that there is no risk of transmission “, the doctor appreciated.

Romania receives over 2.6 million doses of vaccine in March alone, Prime Minister Florin Cîţu announced on Facebook on Sunday, in an optimistic note regarding the return to normalcy.


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Adrian Marinescu, about the moment when

The relaxation of restrictions in Romania comes with the “release” of hospitals. Adrian Marinescu, about the moment when “things will be more balanced”. Our relaxation comes with the release …

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