Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Advanced manufacturing processes allow TSMC to grow revenue from one wafer to an impressive $ 1,634

The problem of consolidating the semiconductor industry has long been known: the more complex technological processes become, the more funds are required to master them, and the fewer manufacturers are able to do this. But for those who master these technical processes, they bring higher profits. Calculations show that the use of advanced technical processes allows TSMC to increase revenue to $ 1,634 per wafer.

Image source: IC Insights

IC Insights experts have such data, who compare the specific revenue per wafer among the main players in the contract market. Samsung Electronics did not make it to the comparative chart – obviously, for the reason that it manufactures the bulk of its products for its own needs. In 2020, according to the study authors, TSMC was the only purely contract manufacturer to offer customers 5nm production services. About 16 TSMC customers, according to the source, turned to the company for services for the production of products using 7nm and 5nm technologies. Their total revenues exceeded $ 1 billion, which contributed to the growth in the concentration of revenue of TSMC itself.

Image source: IC Insights

Image source: IC Insights

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So, if in 2019 TSMC received no more than $ 1530 from one silicon wafer, then in 2020 the amount increased to $ 1634. This is 66% more than the closest competitor, which can be considered GlobalFoundries. TSMC is also the only one in the four, whose revenue concentration has been growing rather than declining in recent years. At the same time, expenses are also growing – this year TSMC is budgeting capital expenditures in the amount of almost $ 28 billion. The company will establish pilot production of 3-nm products this year, and serial production in the second half of next.

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