Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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AEX breaks record | Financial

The AEX index records a 0.3% gain at 703.42 points.

The day before, the index, established in 1983, closed above this milestone for the first time in 22 years. The Midkap index advances 0.6% to a peak of 1028.6 points.

The highest closing position for the AEX was reached on September 4, 2000 with 701.56 points and a day later the AEX set an absolute intraday record of 703.2 points.

Elsewhere in Europe, the stock markets also remained close to the close of the day before. “The market is actually very quiet. Interest rate movements, inflation, and the hiccups in the vaccination play a role, but these are themes that are well-known to investors and have priced in the effect, ”says market analyst Robbert Manders of broker IG Netherlands.

“Only when there is a new theme, prices will move more violently.” The volatility index VIX drops below 20 points.

American impulse

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Investors are looking forward to the speech given by US President Biden. It is expected to announce investing between $ 3 and $ 4 trillion in infrastructure and renewable energy. Stocks like ArcelorMittal should benefit from that.

That capital comes in part from a tax increase that should bring in $ 3 trillion. “Investors are less happy about this, the tax increase mainly affects companies, which is at the expense of profit,” says Manders of IG Netherlands.

US job grade

This afternoon there will also be access to the state of affairs in the private sector with the job report from salary processor ADP.

Germany limits the use of the corona vaccine from the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca to people over 60. German media talks about a disaster for confidence in the vaccine. The restriction also threatens to delay the German vaccination campaign.

DSM weak in the market

With main funds leads ASMI at 2.1% exchange rate gain.

Chip machine manufacturer ASML clears 0.5%. Signify follows with a gain of 1.4%.

Former parent company Philips set the rate to increase 1.1%.

ArcelorMittal also continues up the road with a plus of 1% after a boost from the Chinese industry.

Just Eat Takeaway is out of favor in the AEX with a drop of 1.7% after industry peer Deliveroo went down on its debut in London. Several investors had already objected to the way in which the company deals with its deliverers in the run-up to the IPO.

Bottom of the league DSM course 1.6% lower. The acquisition of the fragrance and flavors branch at the American Amyris is receiving a lukewarm reception from investors. Shell goes back 1.3%,

Bank group ING drops 0.5% after doing good business on Tuesday.

There was also little movement among the medium-sized funds. Leader Elves gets 1.8% more. Fugro in contrast, 1.2% lost.

AScX fund Brunel can add 0.2% The secondment agency has announced its new objectives.

THING on the local market is 1.1% lower. The investor saw profits fall in 2020 due to lower profits at the listed companies in which HAL has interests.

Fastned after a lower start to 0.7% in response to the annual figures.

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