Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Home World Afghanistan has been shocked by the murder of three media workers

Afghanistan has been shocked by the murder of three media workers

Judges of other journalists, including activists, have recently been killed in war-torn Afghanistan. The victims were attacked from ambush or killed by explosives attached to their cars.

Intensifying violence is forcing many Afghans to hide or even leave the country.

Targeted killings have increased since last year began peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban. This has fueled fears that the Taliban are eliminating what they consider to be their opponents.

The three women were shot in two separate attacks after they left the office of Enikass TV on Tuesday.

Shortly afterwards, the Islamic State (IS) branch of the jihadist group claimed responsibility, saying its militants had killed “journalists working for one media outlet loyal to the reluctant Afghan government.”

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Friends and relatives of the murdered women gathered for a funeral in Jalalabad on Wednesday and demanded an end to the murder.

Mohammad Nazif said his cousin Sadia Sadat, who was murdered on Tuesday, was just 18 years old and worked on that television for years to help support the family.

“Her family was very happy that she was working in television. She had not received any warnings, Nazif told AFP. – I do not know why the fighters target such innocent girls. I call on them to end the targeted killings of media workers. “

One colleague from Enikass, who did not want to be named, said television was shaken by the killings and that the three victims were “like family”.

“Three innocent girls were shot in the middle of the city during the day. “No one is safe anymore,” said a colleague.

In December, another Enikass woman was shot dead in Jalalabad under similar circumstances.

Afghanistan has long been one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists.

At least nine media workers have been killed since peace talks began with the Taliban in September, the Afghan Journalist Security Committee said.

U.S. officials blame the Taliban for the wave of violence, and the government in Kabul has said the Taliban are constantly covering up IS statements on responsibility to hide their traces. The Taliban deny these allegations.



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