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Home World After bullying a woman and disrespecting cancer patients, she also cooks the...

After bullying a woman and disrespecting cancer patients, she also cooks the Pontian Genocide

Sky’s responsibilities for (television) Catania are enormous.


Neologism, which signifies the man who poets Immorality.

Inspired by this neologism, this corruption of the word “Actor”,

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rushed by filthy and shameless behaviors

manifesting -as a participant in “Survivor»- the (alleged) ethos of which Alexis Pappas.

At the end of my previous work, entitled

“The immoralist Alexis Pappas in a half-hearted delirium,

disrespects AND cancer patients ”


I had announced in advance that I would return with a total attitude

where I would list the proper responsibilities in “Sky”.


I did not imagine that another sad event would be added to our dialogue,

even more disgusting than before,

which certifies that on the altar of Television

this television station does not dare to cooperate in Catania

and incite her without a trace of moral restraint and social responsibility.

In the beginning,

was the obvious half-witted attitude of Papatzis Pappas against two of his teammates


came the disgusting designation “carcinoma”

used for his retired teammate,

disrespectful AND to the girl,

AND to cancer patients (consequently, and to their families).

Well then

this idiotic character does not have the slightest barrier;

in order to defend his interests

and to set up his -complete vulgarity and cheap- communication games,

he did not hesitate to show the utmost disrespect

and attempt to plunder up to the Pontian Genocide.

This orphan opportunist is constantly looking for excuses,

to emphasize his “I”.

And yes it is based on the indisputable lesson of Life,

which has been certified countless times

that “Whoever seeks a cause finds a cause.”

but it overlooks that “The occasion you are looking for can destroy you.”

Papatzis Pappas was looking for an occasion, he found an occasion…

The outdoor stump,

in which he had slept for a few days before moving to the other group,

turned -for the sake of a joke- from a teammate into a “Turkish toilet”

(I do not mention the word used in full for this construction,

because – as I have repeatedly stated – I hate “smelly” words

and I include them in the fourth world Modern Greek Aesthetics).

Yes, it was a bad joke.

Yes, it was a decadent humor.


considering the horrible Papatzis Pappas

that he had found a first-class opportunity to do his “part”,

took out his eye;

did not hesitate, therefore,

indulging in a malformed improvisation

that would lead him to the exit door of every drama school,

to cook the Persecution, the Uprooting, the Genocide of the Pontians.

Here is what he said,

on the occasion of an outdoor stump that was turned into a “toilet representation”:

«Over here was the first drop of blood that dripped from ‘me…

(refers to his teammate)

It originates from Asia Minor, if I am not mistaken,

and his parents have left their home.

Obviously, he and a few thousand others, not to mention millions.

Immigrants, Greeks, from their place, to another place, again Greek.

They left their homes.

And if we return to their homes today

and show them that some have ruined them,

they will cry.

Because all the memories they have…,

all the pain they had all these years

and the misery of their fathers, the memories of their fathers,

that got them to the point of being alive

and to raise the national stature higher than any Greek,

are imprinted in this house.».



I keep saying this word;

I could write it a thousand times

again to feel that I would not have relieved the feeling of disgust

caused to every healthy person by this shameful bruise.

Papatzis Pappas, this ruthless being, cooks the Pontian Genocide.

Watch out for the emotional blackmail he uses

to preface his infamous example:

«“Here beyond was the first drop of blood that dripped from ‘me’.”

This lazy man who often abstains from his racing obligations “Survivor»

but is in a permanently ordered service to create intrigue,

had the bottomless audacity -through an unhistorical and unedited delusion-

to parallel the drop of blood (which, remarkably, never spilled)

with the persecution, uprooting and death of millions of people.

We come, therefore, to the enormous responsibilities of the Sky television station.

The questions that arise are relentless:

Why is “Sky” playing these shots?

Because it allows a horrible actor, an immoral,

to respect in duplicate – both historically and artistically – the Greek Tragedy ..?

Why “Sky” maintains in “Survivor»A participant

who calls a woman “cancer” ..?

Why “Sky” did not – at least – technically conceal the word “carcinoma”,

as he has repeatedly done with words like “asshole”?

“Sky” considers

that by transmitting the designation “carcinoma” and silencing the word “asshole”,

contributes to National Education?

And because the marking of “Survivor»Defines,

that the show is “Suitable for minors aged 12 and over”,

I call “Sky” to answer the schematic question-collage

resulting from its completely fragmentary censorship:

You there in “Sky” consider

that for a 12-year-old child Shit is more dangerous than Cancer?

Heretical question, unexpected question, but this is the Essence.

There in “Sky” (and not only there, of course),

they produce and spread this “education” to the Greek Society.

It is forbidden to hear the word “asshole”,

but are allowed and promoted with rage and fury

cowardly and misogynistic behaviors of all kinds,

all kinds of hats, all kinds of scars.

The accident for “Sky” is not my personal opinion,

nor my -for public debate and judgment- positions.

The accident for “Sky” is,

that if -for example- a journalist of that station

was identified in the nationwide transmission as “carcinoma”,

“Sky” and the journalist of “Sky” would appeal to Justice

(and rightly so).

The accident for “Sky” is,

that he broadcasts nationalist and anti-national delusions on the altar of Television,

allowing the assimilation of the National Blood

with the scratch that may have been suffered by a vile being in “Survivor».

The accident for “Sky” is,

that the “#skai_xeftiles»Is the most common online hashtag

concerning Greek Journalism.

The misfortune for “Sky” is that it is “Sky”.

“Sky”, the station of “It is and It is not”,

which is supposedly cut for Greece,

but allows the Pontian Genocide to be cooked up by its frequency.

Sky, the station of “It is and It is not”,

allegedly cut for the Pontian Genocide,

but collaborates with a Turkish producer, a fan of the fascist Erdogan,

who fascist Erdogan, in turn,

is the modern “Personification of the Genocide”.

Tragic things,

intended for tragic viewers and tragic citizens.


The Sub-Cosmic

(Twitter: @Ypokosmikos



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