Saturday, April 10, 2021
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After holding a closed meeting, PPP and Golkar want to continue the RPJPN – The closed meeting between PPP Chairman Suharso Monoarfa and Golkar Party Chairman Airlangga Hartarto at the Golkar DPP office, Slipi, West Jakarta, Tuesday (30/3/2021), was over.

The meeting discussed the desire to formulate Indonesia’s National Long-Term Development Plan (RPJPN) for 2025-2045 between the two parties.

This was conveyed by Suharso after the meeting. This desire, Suharso admitted, was based on the past when the two parties prepared the 2005-2024 RPJPN.

“As we know, the 2020-2024 mid-term development plan is the last part of the 2005-2024 long-term development plan which at that time was both handled by PPP and Golkar. the future, “said Suharso at the Golkar Party DPP, West Jakarta, Tuesday (30/3/2021) night.

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Suharso said that Golkar Chairman Airlangga Hartarto acknowledged the similarities between the PPP and the Golkar Party.

One of the similarities, continued Suharso, is that the PPP and the Golkar Party are two parties go public.

“At least these two parties are the same party go public, a party that is open, and can be owned by anyone, and can be orchestrated by anyone, as long as it is acceptable to the party. So we have that in common and we are also in the middle, and we are also talking about things going forward. But of course there are stages, “said Suharso.

Meanwhile, Airlangga previously admitted that he agreed that the RPJPN which ended in 2024 needed to be continued by 2025-2045.

“So that the Golkar Party and PPP agreed to help the team so that the team will prepare for the 2025-2045 RPJP,” said Airlangga.

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“Of course we see the importance of sustainable development, not only from government programs but also the similarities in the politics of the Golkar Party and PPP. We are both a nationalist-religious party in the middle,” he concluded.



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