Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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After years of delay, the Dutch will be able to gamble online from the autumn | NOW

As of this autumn, it is expected that some 35 companies will be active in the online gambling market in the Netherlands. The Gaming Authority confirms this on Wednesday after reporting the US. From Thursday, gambling companies can apply for a license to offer online games of chance.

The Gaming Authority expects, on the basis of a “reasoned estimate”, that approximately forty companies will submit an application. Probably not all these applications will be approved, so that in six months’ time some 35 gambling companies will be active on the Dutch market.

These will be companies and brands such as Holland Casino, TOTO, the Postcode Lottery, Fair Play Casino and Jack’s Casino, reports the US.

Those companies have to meet a lot of conditions to get a permit. For example, they must prevent addictions and be reliable, the games must be fair and the companies must prevent money laundering.

If they get the license, there is a lot to gain for the companies in the online gambling market. Next year they are expected to earn about 800 million euros from Dutch gamblers on the internet. That is roughly double what was earned in the Netherlands with online gambling in 2020, when this was not yet allowed in the Netherlands.

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It has nothing to do with the corona crisis that gambling companies in the Netherlands can now also focus on the internet. “This law has been worked on for a long time,” a spokesperson for the Gaming Authority told NU.nl. Originally, the plan was to allow online gambling from 2015 onwards, but he says the plan was “politically delayed”.



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