Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Home Business AIMC announces the dismissal of Carlos Lozano

AIMC announces the dismissal of Carlos Lozano

Carlos Lozano has been associated with the AIMC for almost his entire professional career and will continue in the position for a short period of time to facilitate the transition.

The Association for Media Research (AIMC) today announced the upcoming dismissal of Carlos Lozano as Executive President after 15 years in this position. «At a time of great changes, the AIMC wants to start a new stage with a challenge above all, to seek market consensus on issues related to the measurement of the media, for its own development and that of the advertising market », Says the AIMC in a statement signed by Marga Ollero, its president.

Along these lines, Ollero explains that a few months ago AIMC began a period of reflection to address the future of the association. “Is about a necessary change that the Board of Directors faces from the responsibility which means facing the new challenges of measurement, with the confidence of knowing that all partners are supported and with the conviction that the foundations that have sustained the AIMC throughout its history: methodological rigor, the search for consensus, neutrality, transparency and constant evolution, which have made it an unquestionable benchmark in the market, must not only remain unchanged but must be further promoted for the future, “he explains.

Marga Ollero, on behalf of the association, also took the opportunity to dedicate a few words of gratitude to the work carried out by Carlos Lozano: «From all the parts that make up the AIMC, internal team, associates, Board of Directors, Technical Commission, collaborating companies and myself, we want thank Carlos for the work developed during these years, a work that, as he himself expresses, has always maintained the founding spirit of working for the development and consolidation of the advertising and media market. Many of the challenges that we achieve will be due in large measure to the work that Carlos has done throughout these years of work at AIMC ».

Carlos Lozano, who has been linked to the AIMC for almost his entire professional career, will continue in office for a short period of time to facilitate the transition to this change of cycle the Board of Directors begins. The first step will be to immediately incorporate the person who will lead this new stage.

The challenge for AIMC and the sector: consensus in measurement

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AIMC, junto a nteractive Adverstising Bureau Spain (IAB Spain) and the Spanish Association of Advertisers (aea), form the Monitoring Commission for Digital Measurement, which last July launched a contest.

comScore, GfK, Ipsos and Nielsen are the companies that have entered and will compete in the digital audience measurement contest.

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