Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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‘Album released in the Lunar Birthday’, ‘Memories of a young me’: numerical Play your favorite hints found in the fifth album of the white lead to IU

‘Album released in the Lunar birthday’, the ‘Album Master lilacs comes from the language of flowers of the memories of young days, “Fan associated with their fifth album, IU guess Will they?

IU fans watching the words and pictures are placed IU up to the SNS album went on to find five tips. IU is a rumor or a singer who likes numbers game among fans.

For example, in the case of “See you on Friday” released in 2013, the lyrics “Every minute, every second is sweet” appear in every minute and one second of the song. In’Voice Mail’, the lyrics “2 minutes and 30 seconds are just passing” also appear exactly in the 2 minutes and 30 seconds of the song.

Not only this but IU has expressed the meantime, ‘twenty-three’ and ‘palette’, ‘Eight’ from the album I felt 23 years old, 25 years old, 28 years old respectively, feelings and thoughts.

In particular, in the case of’Eight (8)’, a collaboration song with BTS’Sugar’ released last year, devices that symbolize the two people of the same age were hidden throughout the album to entertain the fans. The album teaser image was released on April 28th because the two were 28 years old. Also, take advantage of 56 numbers plus the age of 28, age 28 and Sugar IU was the album release on May 6. There is an anecdote that he released the album’Autumn Morning’ in the morning according to the song title.

At this point And there IU fans album before there is frantic to find numbers and symbolism aka white lead put him leave, stationery IU is called the 4th starting at 0:00 fifth album cover photo and 3.25 ‘LILAC’ on his Instagram Left.

Here are some hints that fans found. First, there was a 5 IU album has been announced that the 29-year-old age series to commemorate the bar.

The delayed when viewed guessed it would be the last album in the 20s IU lunar birthday on March 25. In addition, it is argued that the album name’LILAC’ refers to’Young Days’, which is one of the lilac flower language.

Not only that IU fans are saying he raised five months ago, meaning ‘eyieseu emal (ASMR)’ Video in ‘3255’ as it was referred to small house on March 25th May and continues the story of “child universe.

‘3255’ appears in the video 19 minutes 39 seconds.

Hwang Hye-won: [email protected]



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