Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Home Breaking News Aldi in Germany starts selling coronatest

Aldi in Germany starts selling coronatest

Now you can buy your coronatest where you buy your mouthpieces. German Aldi has started selling self-tests.

The German chain of low-cost supermarkets Aldi has got home testing equipment for covid-19 on the shelves.

When the supermarkets opened on Saturday morning, equipment was sold to test themselves from the checkouts, the newspaper Die Welt writes in its online newspaper.

It has proven to be a sought after item. Because in several supermarkets, test packages were not sold out long after the opening.

These are tests made in Germany.

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You can only buy one package at a time, writes Die Welt. It costs 25 euros, 187 kroner, and it contains five tests.

This is a test where you have to stick a stick to inoculate the front part of the nose.

You get an answer within 15 to 20 minutes.

Aldi is not alone in selling tests among the German supermarkets, but for now Aldi is the only one in selling them from physical stores.

According to Die Welt, Lidl started selling tests online on Saturday, but shortly after the sale opened, the message was on Lidl’s website:

– Please try again at a later time.

It was not possible to buy a test, but you could try later.

The newspaper writes that the supermarket chains Rewe and Edeka are also on their way with sales of rapid tests for coronavirus in their stores.

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