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Home World Alice and Jose Alberto Sebastiani, who are the children of Amadeus

Alice and Jose Alberto Sebastiani, who are the children of Amadeus

Amadeus, born Amedeo Sebastiani, is now one of the most loved faces on television and his popularity has brought his private life to the attention of the public. After a first marriage with Marisa Di Martino, with whom he had his first daughter, Alice, the well-known conductor then met the woman who is still his life partner, Giovanna Civitillo, with whom he had his second child Josè Alberto.

Who is Alice Sebastiani, daughter of Amadeus and Marisa Di Martino

Alice is the eldest daughter of Amadeus and is 23 years old. It was born from the marriage between the Rai conductor and his first wife Marisa Di Martino. She graduated with honors in Fashion Business from the Marangoni Institute in Milan. Very active on social media, she frequently posts photos with her famous father who defines her hero. Alice loves to travel and, despite her young age, she has visited several of the most beautiful places in the world. Before returning to Italy, he lived for a long time in London. According to what he publishes on his Instagram profile, it seems to be single.

Who is Jose Alberto Sebastiani, son of Amadeus and Giovanna Civitillo

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Josè Alberto is the second son of Amadeus, born on January 18, 2009, from love with Giovanna Civitillo. Now twelve years old, Josè, a name that as confirmed by the conductor himself comes from the great football passion for Inter, also transmitted to the boy of the house, has followed with great emotion all the episodes of the last Sanremo Festival, sitting in the audience next to his mother Giovanna. , as he also revealed on live TV, he seems to be very jealous.

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