Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home World Already Born, Zaskia Sungkar's First Child's Name Is Very Unique!

Already Born, Zaskia Sungkar’s First Child’s Name Is Very Unique!

Suara.com – Happy news comes from artists Zaskia Sungkar and Irwansyah. Their first child was finally born on Tuesday (30/3/2021) at the Mother and Child Hospital, Jakarta.

Through a post on Instagram, Zaskia Sungkar also revealed the name of his first son.

“Assalamualaikum, my pious child, Ukkasya Muhammad Syahki. Good child, Qurrata a’yun is my father’s mother who is breastfed non-stop. Masya Allah,” wrote Zaskia Sungkar as a caption.

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Not only that, Shireen Sungkar’s sister is also grateful to all those who made her first labor run smoothly.

“Thank you very much, Dr @reinorambey, @drtiwi, @rsiabundajakarta, @morulaivf_jakarta, and all of you friends who have never met but their prayers are extraordinary,” said Zaskia Sungkar.

Uploaded by Zaskia Sungkar [Instagram/@zaskiasungkar15]
Uploaded by Zaskia Sungkar [Instagram/@zaskiasungkar15]

“Thank you for your support and love for our little family all this time. May Allah reply to every prayer, sweet greeting and support to all of you with the merits of kindness and blessings,” he continued.

In closing, he said that his son was born healthy.

“Alhamdulillah, Ukkasya is healthy and trustworthy, born with a baby of 3.4 kg MasyaAllah Tabarakallah. Ukkasya’s prayers continue, auntie,” said Zaskia Sungkar.

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Suddenly Zaskia Sungkar’s post was immediately flooded with congratulations. Those words came from fellow celebrities and netizens.



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