Sunday, April 11, 2021
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This refrain of one of the most famous songs by Budka Suflera seems to me the most appropriate for the upcoming Resurrection. We hoped that Christmas 2020 would be the last Christmas time that we celebrate when we are locked up at home, watching Holy Masses on TV screens or computers, and only the lucky ones got a personal presence in the church at least once. We did not manage to crush the beast that came from communist China. Its end is really close, but when it is dying it spends the worst poison, attacking our relatives and friends. It is similar almost everywhere in the world. While the Anglo-Saxon countries and Israel are making more progress in suppressing it than continental Europe, even there the situation is far from normal. I wrote a few months ago in the New Kingdom that a virus, which is the simplest organism possible, multiplied by billions of billions of lives, becomes intelligent and cunning like the cunning enemy. Just as a bee swarm is thousands of times more intelligent than one individual, a cloud of viruses suddenly acquires an efficiency beyond not only the existence of something more primitive than a cell, but even that of the human brain. The question is, what is it all about? Neither the virus nor its cluster knows. No other creature on this planet has consciousness except man, so it cannot be accused of intentionality. It functions within the limits created by us and the rest of nature. It even works without a plan, though it looks as if there are intentions.

The question of whether the virus appeared with the conscious participation of a human, or only as a result of gross errors – is today a highly political issue, on which many international events may even depend. We will not answer this question.

It is known, however, that at some point it was people who created the conditions for the virus to operate, people ignored it and released it into the whole world, humanity neglected medical research and drug production, as a result of which we wait so long for vaccination, people ignore the basic safety standards that lead to massive infections.

This virus, no matter how sneaky it is, takes advantage of our mistakes and omissions, and sometimes even ill will. It tests people’s absolute weaknesses.

The pandemic took millions of lives and wrecked the world economy. Many countries have even gone back a decade. If we don’t think it through, the next one could be even worse. We were given a chance to change something in ourselves, to think how to jointly and effectively stop such cataclysms.

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This epidemic, although it is difficult to imagine it today, will end in a moment. If he stays with us, it is only our fault. Because in the vaccinated population, even if it appears, it will not be able to develop.

The sacrifices made will not be wasted when we change something in ourselves, in us, in our nations and around the world. This is the message of Christ’s Resurrection. Sacrifice makes deep sense when it changes people. Christ could redeem us as He wished. He chose the path of the blood sacrifice, because that’s all that appeals to us. We were the ones who needed this form of redemption. But it also gives us greater obligations.

We also have a commitment to those who died in the epidemic, a commitment to learn from this tragedy for future generations. And that’s probably the only thing I can tell you during Holy Week. Day must come after tonight …

The text comes from the latest weekly “Gazeta Polska” no. 14; date: March 31, 2021.



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