Friday, April 16, 2021
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Home Technology Android collects 20 times more user data than iOS

Android collects 20 times more user data than iOS

Privacy has been at the top of users’ concerns. They want to ensure that their data is kept on the equipment and that the industry giants do not collect it for their own benefit.

Even with all the assertions and guarantees that are being given, there is always the idea that there is a collection and use. A recent study confirmed this and showed that the iPhone’s iOS collects much less data than Android in the field of smartphones.

After all, where is the privacy on smartphones?

This conclusion may seem obvious and something that everyone knows, but the truth is that it shows a very interesting reality. A study by Trinity College Dublin has shown that iOS on the iPhone collects much less data than Android.

The data that Professor Douglas Leith and his team collected revealed that Google's Pixel smartphones collected about 1 MB of information even though they were inactive. The iPhone, on the other hand, captured only 52 KB in the same period. Still, and even with this difference, the iPhone is not necessarily more secure than Android.

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iPhone Android data collection smartphones

iPhone and Android constantly collect data

According to the study, the data that is most frequently collected is associated with data from operators, such as the writing of passwords and phone numbers. In addition, data such as the hardware serial number, IMEI and the Wi-Fi Mac address are also obtained.

Something that surprised all the researchers was the frequency with which the data is collected by the equipment. The study reveals that this process happens too often on average, obtaining the data is done every 4 and a half minutes.

iPhone Android data collection smartphones

Google has already responded to this study and data

Faced with this information, Google has already reacted to the information presented. It argues that this data collection is done for the protection of users. Just as cars collect information to protect occupants today, Android does so to protect smartphone users.

Apple, however, chose not to comment on the conclusions presented. This study shows that we are far from having privacy and all collection is done compulsively, without any user control.



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