Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home World Another vaccination center in Vilnius will be held at Litexpo

Another vaccination center in Vilnius will be held at Litexpo

“When choosing places for mass vaccination, we tried to look for them in different parts of the city, so that the trips to them would be as short as possible. In the case of Litexpo, a big advantage is the supply of parking spaces, – commented Lina Koriznienė, Director of Vilnius City Administration. “I note that we did not intend to have a single vaccination center for the entire city – we have estimated that the vaccination capacity will be sufficient, according to the currently planned vaccine arrival schedule, by sharing the workload between the clinics’ usual clinics, pharmacies and other public places.”

Litexpo provided a preliminary 1 sq. M. m rental price – about 6.37 Eur / sq. m. m per month (including taxes), per month it would amount to about 30 000 Eur. The premises are planned to be leased for a minimum period of three months and a maximum period of six months, with the right to extend it for a second, if necessary due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Vilnius City Municipality is considering purchasing services for the provision of some additional services required for vaccination from other suppliers. It is planned to sign a lease agreement with Litexpo in the coming weeks.

It is planned that the mass vaccination center on the premises of Litexpo will start operating in the second half of April – early May, depending on the amount of vaccines received. Representatives of Šeškinė, Karoliniškės and private personal health care institutions will work at the Litexpo center. Volunteers will also be invited to help coordinate vaccinated population flows.

A new center is opened in Žirmūnai

Already this Saturday, April 3, another mass vaccination point, established in the Lithuanian Pupils’ Non-formal Education Center (Žirmūnų St. 1B), will start operating early in the morning – it will be possible to vaccinate up to 2,000 people a day here.

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The center will employ about 40 medics, who will also be assisted by Red Cross volunteers. 14 people can be vaccinated here at one time. For the time being, the center will vaccinate residents according to the established priority groups convened by Antakalnis Polyclinic.



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