Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Home Technology Answers to some questions about'smaller, more and more' mini LEDs

Answers to some questions about’smaller, more and more’ mini LEDs

With new TVs pouring out in 2021, the mini-LED market is opening in earnest. Here’s everything you need to know about mini LEDs.

First of all, mini LED is not a new technology this year. It has been limited to a few models for some time, including the world’s first TCL-8 series released in 2019. Nevertheless, according to UBI Research, it is expected to outperform OLED in 2024 while growing significantly over the next few years.

What is a mini LED?

In general, LCD (Liquid-Crystal Display) LED TVs are composed of LCD panels with LED backlights that illuminate pixels. Most LCD LED TVs have LEDs on the edges (both or top), but high-end products have LEDs right behind them.

The mini LED uses the same LED, but as you can guess, it makes the LED itself much smaller. As a result, more individual LEDs can be mounted behind the LCD panel.

It can be seen as the same as the resolution. 4K TVs have more pixels than FHD sets, so mini LED TVs have far more LEDs than TVs without this technology.

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Why are mini LEDs so good?

The more LEDs you have, the better you control the lighting and consequently improve the picture quality. Through this, the contrast ratio has been greatly improved, but better color performance can be expected.

Mii LED not only has a lot of LEDs, but also has many dimming zones (the dimming zone plays a very important role in rendering black on a TV screen. Editor’s note) This means that unwanted effects such as blooming are greatly reduced.

The more LEDs on an LCD TV, the better, but the image quality varies depending on how each manufacturer uses and controls the LEDs. Image quality is ultimately affected by the processing power and algorithms used by the manufacturer.

Note that OLEDs are different because each pixel can be turned on and off individually. Mini LEDs cannot meet the infinite contrast ratio resulting from this level of control, but they are much brighter and are more suitable for HDR content, and unlike OLEDs, they are not vulnerable to burn-in (afterimages appearing due to deterioration of some elements of the screen).

Mini LED, how many dimming areas?

The dimming area of ​​the mini LED is information that manufacturers do not reveal well. LG confirmed at CES2021 that up to 30,000 LEDs and about 2,500 local dimming zones will be applied to its mini LED TVs, but it should be noted that this corresponds to a large 86-inch TV.

According to UBI Research, “mini LED TVs to be sold this year will have 1,000-3,000 local dimming zones.” For example, for the aforementioned TCL 8 series, there are 900 dimming zones on the 75-inch model.

Computerbild, a German IT media outlet, announced that Samsung QN90A/QN95A (95 models with One Connect box) Neo QLED’s top-of-the-line 4K TV’s 65-inch model has 792 local dimming zones. Revealed. It is considerably less than 1,000, but it is a significant increase compared to the 120 zones of the previous model, the Q90T.

Where can I find TVs with mini LEDs?

Finding a mini LED TV is a bit complicated due to the typical characteristics of the TV market. This is because each TV maker releases a different name for almost the same technology.

Samsung has decided to use the term’Neo QLED’ for its own mini LED TV. These include the 4K models QN95A and QN90A, QN85A, and the 8K models QN900A and QN800A.

If you are an LG fan who wants a mini LED backlight, you should look for the’QNED’ model. The QNED product line consists of QNED99, QNED95 for 8K and QNED90 for 4K, with a size of up to 86 inches.

China’s Hisense announced that several of its ULED TVs to be released in 2021 will feature mini-LED technology and will be available in 65-inch or 75-inch TVs at 4K and 8K resolutions. However, only 75 inches of 8K is provided.

Of course, TCL continues to push the mini LED technology, and this year it can be found in either the 8-series or 6-series models. Both series use QLEDs and are available in sizes up to 75 inches.

Philips recently announced that its latest 9000 series will feature mini LED technology. Premium mini LED TVs are scheduled to be released in the 9636 series and the 9506 series in 65 or 75 inches.

If you are curious about the Sony mini LED TV and Panasonic mini LED TV, there is unfortunate news. Sony’s 2021 Bravia product line does not use mini LED technology, and Panasonic is focusing on the flagship OLED JZ2000 so far.

Is it for mini LED or TV only?

The focus of this article was on TV, but mini LEDs are not limited to TVs. At CES 2020, MSI unveiled the world’s first notebook Creator 17 with a mini LED screen. There are rumors that the next-generation Apple iPad Pro will be equipped with a mini LED display. [email protected]



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