Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home World Anxious bundles of smuggled arriving from Belarus got stuck in the reeds

Anxious bundles of smuggled arriving from Belarus got stuck in the reeds

On Tuesday, the SBGS Vilnius Border Team Pavoverė Border Guard officers patrolled the Punžioniai village of Švenčionys district on the bank of the Neris River and noticed three interconnected bundles trapped in the reeds. This place is about 5 km from the place where the Neris flows into Lithuania. Before that, it crosses the state border with Belarus.

After pulling the polyethylene-wrapped cargo ashore, the border guards found a GPS transmitter attached to it. It is used by smugglers to track the cargo dumped on the Belarusian side to the Neris. After checking the contents of the bundle, 1500 packets of NZ Gold cigarettes with Belarusian stamps were found in it.

VSAT nootr./Rasta on contraban

Due to this incident, the officers of the Vilnius Border Team started an administrative trial. Cigarettes are stored at the Pavoverė border barrier.

Anxious, before it enters the territory of Lithuania, the border with Belarus runs about 7 kilometers. It is believed that the cargo carried by the current and stuck on the Lithuanian coast was released from Belarus, hoping that the current would bring it to the Lithuanian side. The goal of the smugglers waiting here is to pull such parcels out of the water as soon as possible and transport them to the depths of the country as soon as possible.

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