Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Home World Apart from destroying the Corona Virus, the Covid-19 Vaccine Can Fight Cancer

Apart from destroying the Corona Virus, the Covid-19 Vaccine Can Fight Cancer

Suara.com – Side effects after vaccine injections are common, including the Covid-19 vaccine. Many people from various countries have reported various side effects, which indicates that the Covid-19 vaccine is working well.

Apart from side effects, the Covid-19 vaccine can also provide a number of additional benefits. Unfortunately, many people may not know the additional benefits of injecting the Covid-19 vaccine.

For example, the BCG vaccine that protects the body from tuberculosis is also used to treat bladder cancer patients with non-invasive tumors. This vaccine is given directly into the bladder to help the system fight cancer.

Additionally, Israeli research found bladder cancer patients who received this therapy were less likely to develop Alzheimer’s.

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The mechanism for this is unclear, but some say the Covid-19 vaccine could exercise the immune system. This condition indicates an inaccurate result for the corona virus vaccination program.

Illustration of corona virus, covid-19 vaccine.  (Pexels / @ cottonbro)
Illustration of corona virus, covid-19 vaccine. (Pexels / @ cottonbro)

Some have also argued that this additional benefit is not a direct effect on the system, but an indirect effect of this beneficial infection protection.

“Measles, tuberculosis or any other infection we vaccinate against can have long-term effects on the immune system,” said Professor Sheena Cruickshank, an immunologist from the University of Manchester. Express.

The immune system can make you susceptible to other diseases. People who are vaccinated against coronavirus infection in a population are less likely to suffer from other diseases as a side effect.

Additional benefits of the Covid-19 vaccine

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Two types of Covid-19 vaccines, namely the Pfizer and Oxford vaccines, have been shown to help reduce the risk of serious diseases. A new UK study also found that a single injection of the Pfizer vaccine can reduce the number of asymptomatic viral infections and significantly reduce the risk of transmission.



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