Saturday, March 6, 2021
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APIA has started receiving single payment requests for 2021

The campaign to receive single payment claims for 2021 began on March 1. Applications can be submitted online, according to the Agricultural Payments and Intervention Agency (APIA).

“Given that safety in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic is extremely important for our institution, farmers will be able to register their single payment claims in 2021 without presenting themselves to APIA county / local centers and / or Bucharest , by May 15, 2021. A single Single Payment Request will be completed, even if land is used in different localities or counties.As every year, APIA will be with farmers throughout the campaign and will grant all the necessary support for the successful completion of the necessary steps for accessing European funds “, the institution transmits.

Farmers can update the agricultural parcels, ZIE elements (areas of ecological interest) and other information in the application by accessing the IPA-Online application from the Internet version, according to the IPA-Online User Manual (accessible in the application).

They must check, together with the mayor’s office in whose area they own the land, the situation of its registration in the Agricultural Register and allow the mayor’s office to send the certificate to APIA.
The documents proving that the agricultural land is in the possession of the farmer must be concluded before the submission of the Single Payment Application and be valid on the date of submission of the application.
Documents proving that the land used is available to the farmer are sent electronically to the e-mail addresses of the APIA centers which can be found at the link: ).
The responsibility for the legality and validity of the documents belongs to the farmer and / or the authority that issued / certified these documents.

If they have animals on the farm they are obliged to update their data in the National Register of Farms (RNE) (veterinarian concessionaire / association / own records, if you are a SNIIA user) and to address the county / local center of APIA and / or Bucharest for completing the zootechnical sector declaration in the application dedicated to the zootechnical sector, before accessing IPA Online.
APIA officials will contact farmers to electronically close the application and schedule them to sign the application and statements.

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Information for accessing each payment scheme / support measure, including maps and lists of ATUs eligible for rural development measures, as well as guides for farmers, can be found at the APIA Centers and on the websites: , and

APIA has started receiving single payment requests for 2021

The campaign to receive single payment claims for 2021 began on March 1. Applications can be submitted online, according to the Agricultural Payments and Intervention Agency (APIA). “Having…

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