Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Apple will drive away the competition even more. For Intel, this is the last call

The presentation of Macbooks with the proprietary M1 chip caused quite a stir in the computer industry. This is because the first company showed that not only can the processor be used on the ARM architecture in a classic computer (because it has already been done by Microsoft in the Surface line), but it can also be done well, beating the competition in virtually all aspects – power, energy efficiency or the amount of generated heat. Intel did not have a good answer to M1, so they tried to solve the matter in terms of PR, but unfortunately – the idea did not work out as the company wanted it to. As “Team Blue” had already been beaten by AMD before, the future does not look bright for them. The more that the latest information shows how much Apple is going to jump back with the next generation of its SoC.

Apple goes at 4nm and nothing will stop it

The current Apple processors: M1 and A14 Bionic are created in a 5 nm technological process and the advantage it gives them in everyday use is visible to the naked eye. Intel, on the other hand, has not broken the 14 nm limit for many years and there is no sign that this will change in the near future. Meanwhile, Apple intends to forge the iron while it is hot. The latest leaks report that in the case of the next SoC series, i.e. mobile A15 chips and also desktop M2 chips, the company ordered TSMC to produce chips based on a 4 nm technological process. According to Digitimes, production of the new Mac and iPhone chipsets is expected to start in May.

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