Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Appointed as Chairman of the KLB Version of PD, Ade Armando Asks Moeldoko to Resign from the Palace – University of Indonesia (UI) Political Communication Observer, Ade Armando, asked Moeldoko to resign from the Presidential Chief of Staff. This follows that Moeldoko has been appointed as General Chair of the 2021 Extraordinary Congress (KLB) version of the Democrat Party in Deli Serdang, North Sumatra.

Ade Armando said Moeldoko’s move to take over the Democrats could worry Jokowi. It is feared that the head of state will be named in the party coup currently led by Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY).

“Since he has become the Chairman of the Democratic Party, it would be better if Mr. Moeldoko put his position at the KSP,” said Ade on his twitter account @ adearmando1, as quoted from – network, Saturday (6/3/2021).

“If Pak Moeldoko does not resign from the KSP, it seems to confirm the accusation that the mastermind of the Democratic Party coup is Pak Jokowi,” he continued.

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Not only Ade Armando, Eko Kuntadhi who is equally active in Cokro TV also thinks that Moeldoko should resign from the palace and focus on his chaotic affairs in the Democrats.

“It would be wise if Mr. Moeldoko is fighting in the Democrat Party, he must take a break from the KSP first. Just concentrate first on the battle arena, ”he wrote on his twitter account @eko_kuntadhi on Friday, March 25, 2021.

Eko explained that the chaos related to Ketum in the Democratic Party might have long tails because SBY would not just give up.

It would be better if he said, Moeldoko should fight with SBY without the title of Presidential Chief of Staff.

“The Minister or the equivalent of the Minister who is concurrently the Party Chairperson, does not matter. After all, there are examples of Mr. Erlangga, Mr. Prabowo. It’s just that the PD battle seems a bit long. SBY will not just give up, “wrote Eko.

“This should be a fight between Moeldoko and SBY, not the KSP Head vs. the Former President,” he added.

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