Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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APS-C DSLR Pentax K-3 III introduced; here are the price and details

Ricoh was the driving force of the dying DSLR camera market. APS-C DSLR from the company Pentax K-3 III came.

Pentax K-3 III, appeared as a long awaited DSLR camera. Built on a 25.7 megapixel BSI APS-C sensor, the model has a muscular body and header display.

The touch screen on the back is fixed and comes in two different colors. K-3 IIIWith its new shutter mechanism, it can take 12 frames per second. This value drops to 11 frames with autofocus.

It has a built-in fixing system, which brings the advantage of 5.5 stops of handheld shooting. K-3 IIIIt adopts the K-Bayonet structure and can achieve more stable autofocus than the K-3 II, which it replaces with the SAFOX 13 AF system.

This system has 101 AF points, 25 of which are crossed. According to the company, the machine now performs a much better job with the algorithm that develops during continuous auto focus. By the way K-3 III, It also brings artificial intelligence-based scene detection systems that offer automatic settings.

It may attract your attention

Pentax K-3 and III will come to Turkey in the future market

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The DSLR camera, which can shoot 30 fps video at 4K resolution but is not very powerful in this regard, is built on a very large optical viewfinder.

With an external battery grip accessory K-3 III The international body price announced for 2 thousand dollars is located at the level.

Demand for DSLR cameras has dropped tremendously today. People now either go their way with their phones or turn to mirrorless models.

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