Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Art Rooijakkers had to park his own feelings for an interview with Jan Dulles | NOW

Jan Dulles and his girlfriend Caroline explain Rooijakkers over the floor open about the loss of their three-month-old daughter Donna. The presenter had no choice but to park his own feelings for a while: he wanted to give the two a safe feeling during the interview and his own emotions would not help them, he says in conversation with

“It was an impressive shooting day, now two weeks ago in March. We had approached them carefully and had extensive contact beforehand, because we wanted to give them the space to say no or to refrain from doing so. That they are so open, touched me “, said Rooijakkers.

Dulles had Donna, born on September 13, in his arms when she died suddenly on December 19. It is every parent’s nightmare, says Rooijakkers. “I myself am the father of twins of four years old and talking to him and Caroline about it was also very intense. We also stopped regularly in the meantime, did everything in consultation with them. And I thought: it is of no use to them. when I now show my grief about their story. Everything revolves around Jan and Caroline and that terrible loss. “

The singer is known to talk for the camera, but Caroline is not a well-known Dutchman. Yet she is also a big part of the broadcast and she talks openly about how it is for her. “We took it very slowly, she herself indicated what she liked and disliked. And everything she says, but also what Jan says, speaks so much love.”

Dulles has not necessarily been taught how to talk about his emotions from home, but he can reach his feelings when writing his music. “I went with Jan to the studio, where Jaap Kwakman was sitting, and together they played the song that Jan wrote for Donna. That touched my heart, then I also broke.”

Broadcast with Bilal Wahib canceled

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The interview with Dulles and his girlfriend is the fourth in the series. A broadcast about Bilal Wahib would have been the third, but when a video came out last week in which he asked a minor to show his genitals, a police investigation was started and it was decided not to broadcast the episode on television.

Rooijakkers understands that this choice has been made and he and his team are now looking for a suitable replacement for the broadcast. About the recording with Wahib: “You felt that day that there was so much in store for him, everyone was positive about him and it was him himself. After the recording day I talked about it with a friend: it is a hard box, which will leave scratches on your soul, but Bilal didn’t have that yet. “

Rooijakkers does not know whether the broadcast with Wahib will ever be seen again.

Rooijakkers on the floor can be seen on RTL4 on Wednesday at 9.30 pm.



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