Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Home World Associations ask for vaccination of people with disabilities and caregivers

Associations ask for vaccination of people with disabilities and caregivers

Organizations that support people with disabilities argue that people with disabilities who have heart problems and are under 50 should be included in the first phase of the vaccination plan, the “i” writes this Wednesday. These users are not being called, since the vaccination plan includes people over 80 or priority patients over 50. The various associations have already sent several requests to the Government and created a petition, which has more than three thousand signatures.

“We saw yesterday that DGS finally considered people with trisomy 21 as priorities and we hope that there will be some consideration for the proposal we made, but so far there has been no response,” explained Jorge Falcato, president of Associação Vida Independente, adding that “people with disabilities who are hospitalized were considered a priority and the others were not”.

In addition to people with disabilities, associations argue that personal assistants should be included, similar to what is happening with operational home assistants. “There is no difference between a person who works in a home and a personal assistant who goes to the home of a quadriplegic to clean him, get out of bed. They are essential care for these people to live. There are support centers for independent life where these assistants personnel support several people, travel by transport. “

By “i”, DGS said that it is analyzing all the hypotheses: “Naturally, adjustments may be made to the age groups, according to the natural history of the diseases”.

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