Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Athletics / Europeans: Dongmo in the weight final, Mariana Machado in the 3,000 meters

The Portuguese Auriol Dongmo confirmed today to be one of the favorites in the launch of the weight of the European indoor track, in Torun, qualifying directly for the final of Friday, with the fourth mark of the qualification.

Who also advances to the final is Mariana Machado, who benefited from the disqualification of two athletes in the second round of the 3,000 meters to ‘close’ the list of finalists, even achieving a personal record.

The Portuguese weight record holder achieved her qualification in the second test, with 18.55 meters, not needing a third launch to be one of the seven that surpassed the 18.40 mark. To complete the list of eight finalists, it was necessary to re-fish another athlete.

For Friday’s final, scheduled for 6:06 pm, the two big favorites pass, namely Dongmo and the German Chritina Schwanitz, who today resolved his qualification and leadership in the first rehearsal, with 18.86 meters.

Mariana Machado, 20 years old, already with an excellent record in cross country, made her debut at a high level on an indoor track to exceed expectations, with a personal record of 8.59.39 minutes and the final in the 3,000 meters race.

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The Sporting de Braga long-distance runner came in eighth place in her race, being 14th out of the two held, but would rise two places after two opponents were disqualified, for having stepped on the inside line of the track.

The Portuguese ‘closes’ thus the group of 12 runners who returns to the track on Friday, at 20:00.

The three Portuguese who went to 1,500 meters, all quite young, stayed in the qualifiers, as was predictable in view of their personal records.

After a first round without luso, the other three competed in succession, Isaac Nader, Nuno Pereira and José Carlos Pinto.

Both Nader and Nuno Pereira were ninth, respectively with 3.44.15 and 3.42.38, while José Carlos Pinto spent 3.56.44 to be 12th, all away from the repechage for some time.



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