Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home World Automatic IRS covers workers who have been in 'lay-off'

Automatic IRS covers workers who have been in ‘lay-off’

The Secretary of State for Tax Affairs stated, in an interview with Lusa, that there is “no reason” why a worker who has been in a simplified ‘lay-off’ is not covered by the automatic IRS this year, if he meets the remaining requirements.

“[O trabalhador dependente que em 2020 esteve em ‘lay-off’ simplificado] has no reason not to have automatic IRS “, said the Assistant Secretary of State for Tax Affairs, António Mendonça Mendes, stating that this is due to the fact that in the simplified ‘lay-off’ the company continues to be the one who makes the payment to the employee, indicating the amounts paid, withholdings and discounts in the Monthly Remuneration Statement.

The way in which the support designed to respond to the effects of the pandemic will be treated at the level of the IRS’s annual declaration has raised some doubts, but Mendonça Mendes assured that, despite the “many different situations that have arisen”, everything “will be done in a simplified way for that people can correctly fill out their statement. “

The government official also stated that, among the covid-19 measures, there are supports aimed at compensating lost income or replacing income from work and others that are true social support – as is the case with support to those who were placed in prophylactic isolation or who were left in support of the family.

“Therefore, there are very different situations that are duly clarified on the Finance Portal, both in terms of tax incidence and in terms of declaratory obligation”, he said, noting that the effort has been directed towards the pre-filling of the declaration.

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The automatic IRS will cover self-employed workers this year for the first time, but only those who in 2020 exclusively pass receipts through the Finance Portal, which means that those who have had support for activity reduction will not be able to benefit from this automation.

This is one of the situations that helps to explain that there are about 250 thousand self-employed workers who this year will join those who have already benefited from previous years from the automatic IRS, namely taxpayers with dependent and / or pension income ( except maintenance allowances).

In total, the potential universe of households covered by the automatic IRS reaches 3.5 million this year, although data from recent years show that those who accept this automation are around 1.6 to 1.7 million households.

Mendonça Mendes recalled, however, that the taxpayer only needs to make a small change for the declaration to stop being automatic – which happens, for example, if a couple chooses to tax together – and also highlighted the fact that in recent years , with the increasing number of pre-filled fields, the delivery of the IRS has become “something very simple”.

As in previous years, the parish councils will be able to support people who need help in filing the annual tax return, but António Mendonça Mendes recalls that, as happened last year, taxpayers can go to the call center, which has been “reinforced”.

With face-to-face assistance in finance departments limited to prior scheduling, the Secretary of State recalled that many people, especially older people who often have only pension income, are covered by the automatic IRS, so even if they do nothing, it is considered delivered at the end of the term.

The delivery of the IRS declaration starts this Thursday, April 1st and ends on June 30th, making it possible, for those who need it, to make an appointment to fulfill this declarative obligation in a finance department.



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