Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Home World Ayane, Representative and Orietta, what a force

Ayane, Representative and Orietta, what a force

The second evening of the Sanremo Festival arrives and we start again with the report cards. Let’s give the votes and understand which will be the promoted and rejected (or at least postponed) of this evening in which the last 13 Big will compete, after yesterday between ups and downs this 71st edition of the Festival, conducted once again by Amadeus and from Fiorello, star performer, for better or for worse, of the early evening. Among the protagonists of this evening Elodie, who will be the second co-host.

Orietta Berti (Eternal)

Orietta Berti (LaPresse)
in photo: Orietta Berti (LaPresse)

Super-classic piece for Orietta Berti, who comes to Sanremo to present her box set and her 55-year career, without too many expectations. He sings for his audience and his audience will appreciate.

Bugo 7.5

Bugo (LaPresse)
in photo: Bugo (LaPresse)

After last year’s mess, Bugo presents himself to Ariston with an indie, beautiful pop piece, which confirms the caliber of an artist who has been on the scene for years and who is an integral part and engine of the change in Italian pop in recent years. The song plays with nostalgia, with Celentano and a refrain that sticks in the head.

Gaia 7

Gaia (LaPresse)
in photo: Gaia (LaPresse)
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We like Gaia, as a voice, as a song, as an attitude, mixing the flamenco guitar and an urban street. We often say Rosalìa (don’t you know her? Bad for you), but she is really one of the possible surprises of Italian pop in the coming years. And the podium would not be exaggerated.

The Welfare State 7

The Social State in Sanremo 2021
in photo: The Social State in Sanremo 2021

The combat pop, the Clash, the couple profiles, The Social State has taught us that on that stage you can go up, do caciara, make music, make a complaint. A few years ago they risked the coup, this time they have a funny song and a holding of stage that give some leads to others. The piece is then made to dance, good regaz.

The list representative 7.5

As happened with Coma_Cose, here we do again mea culpa because the piece of The representative of the list works better with another listening. They are a different band from that of a few years ago, and it fits perfectly, they have class to sell and the song has enormous potential.

Malika Ayane 7

Malika Ayane chose the dance piece, no ballad, because, as she told us, it is time to move, have fun and there is time for the heartbreak ballad. On stage a huge class and a voice that you raise. piece is there and who knows what can happen a few days from now.



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