Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Home Business BAM targets year '64 to buy 9 billion debt.

BAM targets year ’64 to buy 9 billion debt.

BAM launches a strategic plan in the year ’64, has invested in the purchase of NPL-NPA of 9,000 million baht, hopes to push the billing result this year to reach a target of 1.7 billion baht and accelerate the development of IT systems, moving towards BAM Digital Enterprise for the results of the year 63. Make a profit of 1,840 million baht and open a strategy, the collection result in the next 5 years is 24 billion baht.

Mr. Bundit Anantamongkol Chief Executive Officer Asset Management Company Bangkok Commercial Public Company Limited or BAM said that taking this position. It is a challenge to manage in the slowdown of the COVID-19 economy with the aim of BAM to remain the country’s largest asset management company or AMC.

Which plays an important role in asset recovery Driving the Thai economy By managing non-performing assets (NPL) in the national financial institution system In order for the debtor to get the property as security for housing Or the place to eat back Or can turn the business back to quality debt back to the normal economy. Including managing properties foreclosed (NPA) in good condition and ready to sell at fair prices. And it will also stimulate the used real estate market to grow further.

In 2021, BAM has set a target of 17,452 million baht while investing in NPL / NPA assets to manage at least 9,000 million baht by bidding to purchase from various financial institutions. And at auction sales at the Legal Execution Department, BAM currently has 85,102 NPLs in charge, total debt of 484,881 million baht and NPA of 21,574 items, the appraisal value of 62,571 million baht.

For NPL management, use strategies to reduce management time. With a focus on creating a short-term bill By hurrying to follow up the money waiting to receive from the Legal Execution Department and select Port of secured and unsecured debtors to auction In addition, it also accelerates the development of the E-TDR system. Initially, the debtor can pay through the application, as well as increase the customer base, restructuring debt, installment payments of at least 3,500 customers by creating opportunities for reconciliation through the Happy Home Return Project, BAM to reduce debts and The BAM project helps to revive the business.

For the management of properties foreclosed or NPA, BAM can use strategies to promote the sale of properties quickly. To shorten the holding time Including selecting assets to make more than 3,000 special items together with a high value investment. And property for small investors Which is a repeat purchase group Including assets for the SME and Start Up groups, offering sales with solutions and increasing the customer base who purchase in installments with BAM at least 1,000 by 2021.

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In the marketing plan of this year. Focus on organizing promotional activities according to the target segment and organizing promotions Continued campaigns throughout the year, such as promotions, fast transfers, free transfer fees and vouchers if customers transfer ownership within 30 days, including preparing online property auctions. And during the time that people live in a new way (New Normal), various media in the form of Digital Platform have played a great role because of the promotion of activities.

For example, having a booth or organizing various events has limitations, so BAM accelerates the development of the website and social media to make it more convenient for customers to communicate and use the service.

BAM Chief Executive Officer said the company aims to develop IT infrastructure to become BAM Digital Enterprise to drive business more efficiently. Reduce the time and process to work faster (Re-Process) There is also a policy for human resource development by Reskill or Upskill to build new skills to support the change in the digital age.

Mr Bundit also said of the 2020 performance that despite the difficult year due to the economic slowdown due to the COVID-19 epidemic, BAM still has overall performance in Satisfactory level With a cash collection of 13,134 million baht, divided into revenue from NPL of 8,396 million baht and NPA income of 4,738, while net profit of 1,840 million baht.

At the same time, BAM has set a target of the collection in the next five years for continued revenue growth.In 2021, it has set a target of 17,453 million baht, 2022 has a target of 18,953 million baht, 2023 is set to 20,510 million. 2024 baht set a target of 22,199 million baht and 2025 set a goal of 24,036 million baht.

Over the past 20 years, however, BAM has operated businesses that take into account the environment, society and good governance. (Environmental, Social and Governance: ESG) by providing assistance to all groups of stakeholders under BAM’s concept of 5 good, good for the country, good for the society, good for customers or debtors. Good for shareholders And good for employees To create sustainable growth in all relevant dimensions

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