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Home Technology Bandai Hello Kitty Gundam RX-78-2 - recensione

Bandai Hello Kitty Gundam RX-78-2 – recensione

Bandai offers us today a kit meant to celebrate Hello Kitty e Gundam in two really important anniversaries for these two “made in Japan” icons. In fact, the little Hello Kitty turns 45 (wouldn’t you say it?) While the powerful one Gundam RX78-2 stands at 40 candles.

Happy Birthday Hello Kitty!

Inside the package, on the sides of which we find some images of the final result, Bandai has divided the two kits included in a very rational way. In the foreground we find the envelope containing the frames dedicated to Hello Kitty made in the shape of… Hello Kitty. The unmistakable profile of the little kitten and her bow contain all the pieces necessary for the construction of the model, shown here with the classic colors of Gundam rather than in the various pink nuances of the character.

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The assembly, thanks to the clear instruction booklet Bandai and a flat blade cutter that you will have to retrieve in specialized stores or hardware stores in the area dedicated to fine arts, proceeds smoothly and within half an hour we will be able to recreate a perfect Hello Kitty model already colored, thanks to Bandai technology that customizes the colors of the individual pieces of the sprue already in the printing phase, and “ready to play” since the kit is assembled without glue.

Greetings Gundam

To celebrate their 40th birthday, there are those who write books, those who change cars and those who, like Gundam, dedicate themselves to a kit made especially for the occasion. Inserted within the Bandai SD EX Standard collection, this model looks like a classic “deformed”, but with a more slender proportion than the SD and classic BBs.

The plastic, pre-colored like Kitty’s, it is excellent and a simple flat blade cutter is enough to separate the pieces from the frame and mount, also in this case in about 30 minutes, a perfect caricatured replica of the Gundam RX-78-2 protagonist of the first cartoon series that aired in the years’ 70 of the last century. The joints and accessories present then allow you to play with it to find the right pose in defense of little Kitty and our Earth.


Inside the package created by bandai for the birthdays of Hello Kitty and Gundam we then find a bonus sprue that will allow us to create a trans-kit, or a third model with parts of the two main models. What is it about? Simple, let’s talk about a helmet to be inserted into the head of Hello Kitty to mount it on the body of Amuro Rei’s Gundam RX-78-2 to create Hello Gundam and thus celebrate these two inevitable figures of the Japanese manga world.

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