Friday, March 5, 2021
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Batonik Piniora – blog venivici

Communal and state news reports that long, long ago, a certain evil Al, a scoundrel, was condemned not for rogue, but for skimping on taxes on the state. History, in its various versions, however, likes to repeat itself. It was the Court of Appeal in Wrocław that upheld Józef Pinior’s sentence for one and a half years in prison. Eighteen months for a candy bar. For what are these tens of thousands of bribes compared to billions or hundreds of millions? I have no doubt that Pinior knows a lot about many things behind which his close or distant colleagues, acquaintances and colleagues stood (are). He knows a lot, or at least is aware of the looting of the country that took place in its vicinity. And yet, even as the accused himself, he staunchly defended the reform of the dwarfed Polish justice system. And this is his far greater offense than the bar for which he was ultimately convicted. People with meaningful names, and the owner of one is certainly Pinior (whether they are pumped up or not), have a huge impact on the publisher’s opinion. When, for example, two Józki – Grzyb and Pinior stand in a row and shout no pasaran, and then, with appropriate commentary, it will be rolled over for weeks by “friendly media”, then … It must have an impact on public opinion and level acceptance for the necessary reform of the judiciary. Pinior was condemned for a candy bar, but his wine (as one of many) is much greater.

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