Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Belgian national coach wants to bring many more players to the European Championship: “Maybe 27” | Football

The Spanish trainer of the Red Devils, who won 8-0 against Belarus on Tuesday, is in favor of a final round in which the participating countries can take 26 or 27 players.

Additional player in every line

“Then you can add an extra defender, midfielder, attacker and possibly goalkeeper. I have already discussed that with other national coaches, such as those from England and Italy. We hope UEFA will think about it, ”said Martinez. The national coaches may include 23 players in their final selection for the upcoming European Championship.

The last time that number was adjusted for a final round was in 2002. During EURO 2000, 22 players were allowed to be selected, for the World Cup two years later this was increased to 23. Martinez sees the desired expansion of the selections as a next step to lighten the game load and prevent injuries to overloaded players.

Next step

Due to the corona pandemic, the current season’s schedule is busier than ever. “Admitting five substitutions was a first step to guarantee the quality of the matches, the next step is to allow one extra player per line”, Martinez substantiates his opinion.



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