Monday, March 8, 2021
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Home World Beware, Here are 8 Health Risks Due to Chemical Pollution

Beware, Here are 8 Health Risks Due to Chemical Pollution – A study by researchers at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, Ludwig Maximilian University, and other research colleagues suggests that there are a variety of health conditions caused by air pollution. This research has been published in the journal Cell.

“Every day we learn more about how exposure to pollutants in air, water, soil and food is harmful to human health,” said senior author Andrea Baccarelli, MD, Ph.D., chair of Environmental Health Sciences at Columbia Mailman School. from Medical Xpress.

“In this paper, we provide a framework for understanding why this complex mixture of environmental exposures carries serious disease even from relatively modest concentrations,” he added.

Launch from Medical Xpress, The following are the impacts of pollution on health, including:

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1. Oxidative stress and inflammation: This condition occurs when antioxidant defenses are depleted, inflammation, cell death, and organ damage occur.

2. Genome changes and mutations: Accumulated DNA errors can lead to cancer and other chronic diseases.

3. Epigenetic changes: Epigenetic changes alter the synthesis of proteins that are responsible for childhood development and regular bodily functions.

4. Mitochondrial dysfunction: Damage to cellular power plants can interfere with human development and contribute to chronic disease.

5. Endocrine disorders: Chemicals found in our environment, food and consumer products interfere with hormone regulation and contribute to disease.

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Air pollution illustration.  (Envato Elements)
Air pollution illustration. (Envato Elements)

6. Altered communication between cells: Signaling receptors and other means by which cells communicate with each other, including nerve transmission.

7. The changing microbiome community: An imbalance of the population of bacteria and other microorganisms in our body can make us susceptible to allergies and infections.

8. Nervous system dysfunction: Microscopic particles in air pollution reach the brain via the olfactory nerve and can interfere with cognition.



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