Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Home Breaking News Bibian Mentel: 'Every day is now a present' | Entertainment

Bibian Mentel: ‘Every day is now a present’ | Entertainment

Bibian and her husband Edwin Spee got the bad news about two weeks ago. The snowboarder has been dealing with cancer that keeps returning for more than twenty years. “Two weeks ago it went really bad with her,” said Edwin in conversation with Humberto tan. “I lay down with her and fortunately she calmed down. Since that day it has improved again. It is wonderful that we are still allowed that time. ”

Since then, the drugs to suppress the pain have taken hold. “It is, it is reasonably under control with the drugs,” Bibian himself said via a video link. “The way I feel now, I still dare to do it.”

Lots of love

The couple takes every day as a beautiful moment. “That sounds very cliché. I am glad that I did not get taken out of life overnight, but that I have the chance to say all those last things that you still want to say with my family and friends around me. That is why every day is now a gift. ”

Bibian says she enjoys waking up next to Edwin in the morning, with the sun in her face. “My son who is there and my daughters who come in and give a hug. There is so much love around me. ”


The snowboarder who retired in 2018 hopes that her foundation, the Mentelitity Foundation, can help many children to get more out of life even after her death. When asked, Bibian still has a message. “Do what you like. I started following my passion very quickly, I am very happy that I did. ”



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