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Bikers Should Know, This Area Includes Ring Category 1 – Some time ago a viral video of a biker was kicked by the Presidential Security Force (Paspampres) for entering the Ring 1 area.

Not without reason, because the group of bikers carrying out the Sunday Morning Riding (Sunmori) activity broke through the security route. As a result, Paspampres, on Sunday (21/2/2021) had to take action by paralyzing a group of motorists passing on Veteran III road.

Road users should pay attention, at that time the cone was already limited on the road, meaning that not everyone could pass in the area in question.

Now, which areas are included in the Ring 1 area, this rule is contained in the Regulation of the Minister of State Secretary Number 14 of 2016 concerning Guidelines for the Implementation of Maintenance of Security and Order in the Ministry of State Secretariat.

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Illustration of a motorbike convoy on a highway (Shutterstock).
Illustration of a motorbike convoy on a highway (Shutterstock).
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As quoted from the page Federal Oil, Chapter II explains about the Scope of Security, that the object that is secured by the Paspampres is assisted by the Internal Order and Security Section (Tibkamdal).

The Presidential Secretariat and the Vehicle and Internal Security Section (BKKD) The Secretariat of the Vice President includes the Presidential Palace Complex and the Vice Presidential Palace.

Based on Permensesneg Number 14 of 2016, this is a list of areas and areas included in the Ring 1 object area.

The following is a list of regions that enter the Ring 1 area:

  1. The courtyard of the Jakarta Presidential Palace complex;
  2. Istana Merdeka;
  3. National Palace;
  4. Presidential Office Building;
  5. Presidential Staff Office Building;
  6. Wisma Negara;
  7. Presidential Secretariat Office Building;
  8. Palace of the Vice President; and
  9. Office of the Secretariat of the Vice President.

As written by PPID.TNI, as for what is meant in VVIP security, namely the President and his family, the Vice President and his family, the Former President / Vice President, and state guests at the level of the head of State or Head of Government and their families who visit Indonesia

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In carrying out the security of a security operation, Paspampres coordinates with the authorized Police and TNI elements visited by the VVIP.

In general, there are three layers of security in a security operation, and Paspampres is fully responsible for the deepest security (Ring 1) or the one closest to the VVIP.



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