Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Black box footage can prepare for a plane crash in Indonesia

Indonesia has found one of the black boxes from a passenger plane that crashed in the Java Sea in January with 62 on board. Everyone died.

Accident experts say on Wednesday that recordings of the communication in the cockpit have been found. It will take about a week before it becomes possible to hear them.

The plane, a Boeing 737-500 from Sriwijaya Air, took off from Jakarta Airport on Saturday, January 9, and the connection to it disappeared shortly after.

“Indonesia has found the voice recordings in the CVR box from the cockpit of the plane,” the aviation authorities said on Saturday.

The recordings can make it clear to the AIBN what happened on board the aircraft and what the pilots did.

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Divers found the plane’s second black box a few days after the crash, but have long searched for the box with the voice recordings in an area of ​​relatively low depth, but with muddy water and sometimes difficult current conditions.

“The box was located late Tuesday,” said spokesmen for the Indonesian Ministry of Transport.

A preliminary accident report in February indicated that there were balance problems caused by problems with the aircraft’s automatic throttle.

Hit by several accidents

After the plane reached an altitude of almost 2500 meters, the left throttle moved back, while the right remained in its position.

It said investigator Nurcayho Utomo from the country’s Ministry of Transport Security in February.

The plane ended up tipping over and began a crash into the Java Sea.

Flightradar24, a service that monitors air traffic, wrote on Twitter at the time that the plane lost more than 10,000 feet in altitude – about three kilometers – in less than a minute.

It happened, four minutes after it was relieved.

The crashed Boeing plane had previously been used by US airlines and had been in operation for about 26 years.

Boeing has been hit by other accidents in recent years. Two of their 737 MAX aircraft crashed in 2018 and 2019 in Indonesia and Ethiopia, respectively. A total of 346 people lost their lives in the two crashes.

A flight ban was subsequently introduced against Boeing’s particular type of aircraft – a ban that several lifted in January.

The plane that crashed in January was not a MAX plane.




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