Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Book an iPhone, get apple yogurt

Beijing: A woman was shocked when she ordered a box containing an iPhone containing only apple-flavored yogurt.

A woman named Luu from Anhui province, eastern China had previously bought an iPhone 12 Pro Max from a website on February 16.

He then paid 10,099 yuan (about RM6,300) for the smartphone.

A few days later, he received the package but was surprised by the contents of the package.

“The courier worker said he put the package in the package box at my house,” he said via Chinese social media Weibo.

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Local police on Thursday said they were now investigating the incident as a theft case, reported The Global Times.

The company that sold the product and the courier insisted that it would conduct further investigations into the loss of the phone.

Liu’s social media account later became contagious and people began to speculate about the loss of the phone.

“I think it might be a courier company employee who changed the cell phone,” said a Weibo user.

He said he also faced the same problem after ordering a pair of shoes from Nike.

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