Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Home Technology Brave Browser Developers To Launch Their High Privacy Search Engine Soon

Brave Browser Developers To Launch Their High Privacy Search Engine Soon

Brave, known for its proprietary privacy-focused browser, is gearing up to launch a search engine under its own brand. Brave announced today that it has acquired an open source search engine developed by the Cliqz team.

This technology will underlie the future search engine Brave Search, which will soon become available to millions of fans of the company’s branded browser. A Brave spokesperson says its product will stand out from all search engines on the market. The search engine Tailcat, which formed the basis of Brave Search, is built on the basis of a completely independent index, so that it is able to provide users with the maximum quality without compromising on privacy. Tailcat does not collect IP addresses or use personally identifiable information to improve search results.

As a reminder, Cliqz, the privacy-focused European fork of the Mozilla Firefox browser, was shut down last May due to circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the browser development team, which later focused on work on Tailcat, moved to Brave as part of a merger.

The head of the former Cicqz team argues that Brave’s new search engine will be able to provide users with a truly high-quality alternative to search engines owned by large corporations such as Google. In addition, Brave Search eliminates algorithmic errors and does not censor search results.

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The Brave team expects its new search engine to be in demand among people who value privacy. However, users of the Brave browser will still be able to use Google, Bing, and other common services as their default search engine. However, in future versions of Brave, the proprietary search engine will be installed by default.

It is assumed that the search engine Brave Search will be launched in late spring or early summer.

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