Monday, March 8, 2021
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Home World Breakdowns in the pandemic: Germany united sleeping country

Breakdowns in the pandemic: Germany united sleeping country

In the corona crisis, the Federal Republic shows itself to be a hibernated entity. Time to look forward to a modern post-pandemic state.

Vaccination in the pub – nice German Photo: Hendrik Schmidt / dpa

Now nothing has happened again, one could say in a modification of the cult entry into the crime novels by Wolf Haas.

Because Germany can currently no longer do anything: No vaccination and no organization, we can’t even get a decent lockdown, as the corona curve has shown us for days.

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It was all our strength at one point; once, like the Westfalenpost writes, we were not only consistently football champions, but also “organizational world champions”. And even that New York Times worries about us of all people: “Germany, once a model, is swamped like everyone else by pandemic’s second wave”. “Swamped” – I had to look up – means flooded.

And this is fascinating insofar as the Federal Government’s report on risk analysis in civil protection from 2012 ran through two “risk analyzes”, namely “Extreme melt floods from the low mountain ranges” (keyword: climate deterioration) and “Pandemic due to Modi-SARS virus” (keyword : Here and today).

Health offices on weekends

But I digress – and maybe that is exactly our problem: We do risk analyzes and then we don’t care anymore. We prefer to repeat the sentence every Monday morning with torturous sleepiness: “Since not all health authorities transmit data on weekends, the number of cases at the beginning of the week is usually lower than on other days”, instead of yes instead of what ?!

Instead of finally ensuring that health departments such as police stations, fire brigade stations and daily newspaper editorial offices are staffed and equipped in such a way that they can also carry out their tasks on Sundays and that we no longer have to hear this humiliating sentence.

But we just can’t do it anymore, the Blitzkrieg, not even one against the virus. And if one, startled up from the Teutonic slumber by such a loaded term, remembers what the German organization championship was used for in the past, then perhaps something like relaxation about the current pointed cap of pandemic policy can set in.

The Germans, the majority of them are no longer deadly masters, nor do they see, like the CSU, which is notoriously lobbying in this regard, with its Mr Nüßlein, primarily how they can turn a disaster into a business.

Faithful and dumb

With the exception of fewer and fewer confused people who absolutely want to die unvaccinated, and hopefully now at last better monitored Nazis who always smell the wind in misery, they stand there loyally and silently and wait for their own and even more for the grandmother’s vaccination appointment.

And to the extent that, in their passivity and their completely unironically sympathetic gullibility, that the authorities, even in the form of Jens Spahn, will do everything right in the end, they are part of a national tradition that goes back far behind the jagged Prussian caricature.

“Stupidity”, it says in the grandiose 800-page tome “Clumsy – A Case History of German Literature”, is “ultimately just a hesitation of the individual before entering the modern age”. If we reflect this back to our circumstances, then in the distance we see a modern, digitalized welfare state that is financially well-equipped thanks to effective super-rich taxation, which scientifically accompanies the challenges of natural disasters, approaches them pragmatically and passionately. So that we can finally leave the premodern behind us with its failure reports that repeat themselves every Monday.



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