Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Bring a human-like doll, this car driver ends up getting a police ticket

Suara.com – Tickets are often carried out by the police to curb wayward road users. Even though it is often done, there are still not a few motorists who are often subject to raids.

Usually, the motorist who has been ticketed is known to have committed violations such as running through traffic lights, not wearing a seat belt for the carer, and so on.

But what if a policeman tickets a car driver just because he is caught carrying a doll in his vehicle?

Reporting from Carscoops, a car driver has to deal with the police because he brings a doll that looks like a human.

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This incident occurred in Los Angeles, United States. At that time, the car was casually driving a Toyota Tacona double-cabin pickup.

Police car illustration.  (Pixabay / fsHH)
Police car illustration. (Pixabay / fsHH)

However, the police were a little suspicious of the car’s movements. Then, he stopped him and asked for driving documents.

The police also had time to chat with the carer. Not to forget, the police also took the time to talk to the doll that looked like a human.

The police actually already know that the person next to the driver is a doll. From a distance it doesn’t seem that the person wearing the flannel shirt and baseball cap is just a doll, but it’s different from close up.

The police confirmed their suspicions by getting the man in the flannel dress to talk. As a result, his suspicions were confirmed. The police finally got a ticket to the car driver.

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The car apparently did this in order to trick the police into crossing the carpool lane freely. The problem is, this lane is provided specifically for vehicles filled by the driver and at least one passenger.



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