Friday, March 5, 2021
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Home Technology Broken price on Samsung external battery 10A fast charge with induction

Broken price on Samsung external battery 10A fast charge with induction

With all the electronic objects that have invaded our lives, running out of battery is a real ordeal, especially if an AC outlet is out of reach. This is all the more true when it comes to our smartphone which is an integral part of everyday life, whether for calls or other functions. The best solution is to have a mobile energy source, an external battery. Moreover, know that the Samsung 10A external battery is currently less than 40 €.

Samsung 10A: RELIABILITY and CONVENIENCE guaranteed

This samsung power bank has a capacity of 10 000 mAh. To put it simply, if your smartphone has a 3000 mAh battery, you can recharge it 3 times. Then you can charge your smartwatch, for example, with the rest of the battery. So you can leave your home in peace without having to worry about the duration of use of your devices.

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With this power bank, you can charge any type of device of any brand that charges with a micro-USB cable. In case you need your device in an emergency, know that this power bank supports the charge rapide (25 W). And to make sure you don’t run out of battery before you leave your home, you just need to check your power bank’s charge. It has a LED battery level indicator.

By the way, if you forgot the cable, you can charge your equipment by induction if it is compatible. And if you have two devices to charge at the same time, the external battery has 2 ports USB : 1 USB A port and 1 USB C port. Finally, the power bank is light and compact. It weighs only 234 g with the following dimensions: 15 × 7.1 × 1.4 cm. This Samsung power bank is silver in color and has a 2 year warranty.

Do not hesitate any longer, you can now stop having to worry about wires if your device has the Qi system. In that moment Samsung external battery 10A fast charge induction only costs 34,99 €. Note that in normal times, this power bank costs € 59.99. By buying it you earn as well a discount of over 40%.

By the way, do not forget that the Samsung 1TB 870 QVO SSD hard drive.

3 good reasons to buy this power bank?

  1. It supports fast charging: 25W IN / OUT
  2. Induction charging and universal compatibility
  3. Broken price: a 41% discount

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