Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Budapest is not left alone by the government now

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One week ago, Balázs Fürjes, Secretary of State for the Development of the Prime Minister’s Office in Budapest and the Budapest agglomeration, began negotiations with Gergely Karácsony and the mayor of all districts to agree on the Covid-extra government support of the municipalities. The Secretary of State explained in a post posted on Facebook on March 5 that the talks are aimed at seeing how more can be done for the people of Budapest.

We will not leave Budapest alone either!

Last Thursday we sat down with Gregory Christmas and all the districts…

Posted by Balázs Fürjes on Friday, March 5, 2021

Fürjes reported that an agreement was reached with the mayors, both opposition and governing parties, to hold district-by-district talks in the near future. They negotiate individually with each mayor to work together to find the right solutions tailored to that part of town. The Secretary of State will be the first to go to Angyalföld, where he will meet József Tóth, the left-wing mayor of Budapest for the longest time (1994). He added that he thought this was the right solution because the opposition leader of the 13th district was the most experienced mayor, and although their political backgrounds were different, he had proved several times that he was ready to cooperate constructively with the current government. The Secretary of State agreed with Gergely Karácsony on March 18 to discuss the issues concerning the Municipality of Budapest with the Budapest Council of Public Developments.

Negotiations will address the issue of free parking and examine whether it is worth maintaining a system. They will also discuss support for the operation of kindergartens and nurseries and the establishment of a district road construction fund. The latter simultaneously assists the road construction and road renovation tasks of local governments, the asphalting of dirt roads, protects jobs and gives jobs to businesses in Budapest.

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An important topic is the proportion of the HUF 10 billion fund received as government support to support general medical care, surgeries and outpatient care. In connection with health care, the operation of municipal emergency care may also be on the agenda, and the government wants to help in this as well.



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