Monday, March 8, 2021
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Home World Building airport outside Montijo will force state to pay Vinci 10 billion

Building airport outside Montijo will force state to pay Vinci 10 billion

The week was marked by yet another development around the Montijo Airport: the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) halted the progress of the construction of the Montijo airport, arguing that there is no favorable opinion from all affected counties – the Moita and do Seixal objected – leading the Government to announce that it was going to request the Strategic Environmental Assessment of alternative solutions. Thus, the construction of a new international airport in Lisbon at the Campo de Tiro de Alcochete was once again on the table (it has already been studied as an alternative location and had an environmental impact statement valid until December 2020).

In the Diário de Notícias accounts, the cost of an infrastructure built from scratch in Alcochete, instead of converting the existing one in Montijo, would cost Ana Aeroportos at least five times more – 7.6 billion instead of 1, 5 billion in Montijo.

But the amount to be overpaid for this solution is much higher than this, due to an indemnity provided for in the contract between the Portuguese State and Ana Aeroportos. Because?

A new construction involves a public tender, which means that the same company may not be responsible for the work. In the concession contract, a clause dictates that, in case of “failure” with the contract, the State will have to pay an amount calculated based on the future earnings of the company over 40 years, which amounts to more than 10 billion euros .

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