Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home Breaking News Business: Postponed reopening casts doubt on confidence in coronapas

Business: Postponed reopening casts doubt on confidence in coronapas

Liberal professions in five municipalities must postpone reopening. Highly reprehensible, believes interest group.

It makes no sense that liberal professions in five municipalities are not allowed to reopen as planned on April 6 due to high infection rates.

This is the opinion of the interest organization SMVdanmark, which represents approximately 18,000 small and medium-sized companies.

– The government is sending traders out on an emotional roller coaster ride. In a week where they have been busy calling employees back to work, booking customers in and preparing the store, everything must now be stopped in the 11th hour.

– I do not see how the closure of liberal professions in five municipalities reduces the infection. On the contrary, it will make the citizens of the closed municipalities make a pilgrimage to the neighboring municipality to get to the hairdresser, says CEO Jakob Brandt in a press release.

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The reopening of liberal professions such as hairdressers and tattooists has been postponed until 11 April in the municipalities of Ishøj, Brøndby, Halsnæs, Fredensborg and Gladsaxe.

The reason is high infection rates, the Ministry of Trade and Industry announced on Wednesday evening.

Prior to the reopening, the liberal professions have been met with demands that they ensure that customers do not bring in infection.

Customers must therefore present a corona passport showing that they have recently been tested negative, have been previously infected or have been vaccinated.

Against this background, the decision is even more incomprehensible, SMVdanmark believes.

– If the government believes that the corona passport actually makes a difference, then it must be because they believe that the corona passport can prevent infection in liberal professions.

– But this announcement seriously questions whether the government really has confidence in the corona passport, says Jakob Brandt.

The decision to postpone the reopening was made after the Epidemic Commission has calculated the infection in the municipalities in question.

The Commission found that the municipalities – after adjusting for the number of tests – all had an incidence figure of more than 150 per Tuesday.

This means that for every 100,000 inhabitants in the municipalities, there have been more than 150 infected within the last seven days.

However, this is only a temporary status. The ministry writes that the commission will continuously count on the infection and come up with a new recommendation when April 11 moves closer.

In addition to hairdressers and tattooists, liberal professions cover spas, body care, beauty and massage clinics, tanning salons and riding centers.

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