Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Busy in parks: municipalities take measures, police threatens with fines | NOW

Several municipalities will take measures on Wednesday against the crowds in city parks, including some closures. The police threatens to issue fines if it does not slow down.

The Vondelpark was closed again on Wednesday afternoon by order of the municipality of Amsterdam due to massive crowds due to the beautiful weather. People can only leave the park.

Amsterdam also points out the corona rule that people outside with only two people or one household may come together. Amsterdam also has a print map, where you can see which places should be avoided.

Amsterdam and The Hague call on visitors to leave the parks clean. On Tuesday evening, it turned out in many places that enormous amounts of waste and packaging were left behind.

Alcohol ban in Arnhems Park

In the Arnhem Park Sonsbeek, an alcohol prohibition applies for an indefinite period from 3 p.m. This is a response to large groups of young people who gathered there with drinks and snacks. “It is very irresponsible to get stuck together,” said Mayor Ahmed Marcouch van Arnhem.

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In Utrecht and The Hague, the white circles return to the grass. The circles ensure that the different visitors keep sufficient distance from each other. When there are no more circles free, the park is full. Enforcers and police send people away and, if necessary, people are fined.

The Nijmegen police have placed a mobile post in the Kronenburgerpark to point out the corona measures to people. The Municipality of Breda also does not ask people to enter the park.



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