Thursday, March 4, 2021
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California, truck collides with SUVs in which 27 migrants are amassed: 15 dead

S0no at least 15 dead migrants in the dramatic accident took place yesterday morning in California, near San Diego, a city on the border with Mexico, where an SUV on which 27 migrants were traveling collided with a truck carrying gravel. The crash was violent enough to cause the death of 15 people, most of whom practically died on the spot. Despite the timely intervention of the rescuers, in fact, there was nothing for them to do: another 12 people were rescued and transported to the hospital.

The accident occurred around 7 am on Tuesday 2 March in an agricultural area east of San Diego, just 16 kilometers from the Mexican border, along a road that runs alongside cultivated fields: the SUV involved in the crash was transporting, despite having a maximum capacity of seven people, as many as 27 migrants, all agricultural and irregular workers in the United States. The causes of the accident have not yet been clarified but it seems that the large-displacement car was practically overwhelmed by the truck as can be seen from the photos that were also disseminated by the US media.

The victims are all agricultural workers who illegally arrived in the US

Rescuers arrived immediately on the spot who unfortunately could not help but ascertain the death of as many as 14 people, while a fifteenth died shortly after arriving at the hospital. At least two helicopters in addition to various rescue vehicles had to be used for the transport to the hospital. Most of the injured were transported to the nearby El Centro hospital, and it was the facility’s medical director who explained that the victims are all undocumented agricultural workers who entered the United States illegally. Like the many immigrants in the region who are employed as laborers especially during the harvesting and harvesting periods. Often recruited by unscrupulous masters who make them live in conditions of scarcity and exploitation.

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