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Camping will be safe this season

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The star-roofed accommodation, holiday and mobile homes of Balatontourist would open in April

They tried to adapt quickly and flexibly to the changed circumstances due to the coronavirus epidemic, and provided a safe holiday in 2020 for travelers looking for the peace and freedom of camping at Lake Balaton – 70-year-old Balatontourist Kft., Which operates six campsites by the Hungarian sea, pointed out to Magyar Nemzet. their guests have no reason to worry, as they may change their booking or get the full deposit back depending on the epidemic situation.

– We made a serious effort last year to introduce our new domestic and foreign guests to camping as one of the safest forms of vacation. We tried to adapt quickly and flexibly to the changed circumstances due to the coronavirus epidemic.

The absence of people across the border has led us to make camping attractive to as many domestic travelers as possible,

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and in marketing work, we should place more emphasis on doing everything we can to ensure the safe operation of our accommodation facilities – said the marketing manager of Balatontourist Kft. when contacting Magyar Nemzet.

The renewed rest areas are also suitable for the joint recreation of members of several generations. Photo: Balatontourist

Orsolya Vadászné Székely said that due to travel restrictions, foreign tourists were 58 percent lower than in 2019 in terms of the number of guest nights in the previous year, but the proportion of Hungarian guests increased.

“The Hungarian Tourism Agency’s campaign to promote domestic destinations also played a major role in this,” the marketing manager remarked.

– Last year, campers came mainly from Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany,

at the same time, tourists from the former two major sending countries, the Netherlands and Denmark, spent only one-fifth of the 2019 guest nights with us, he explained, adding that the number of domestic travelers at the campsites had risen in parallel.

A representative of Balatontourist also informed that several measures were taken last season to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. According to this, for example

they tightened cleaning regulations, placed plexiglass walls at reception desks, and put out hand sanitizers and painted floor signs in busy places, for example.

For safety, an ozone generator has also been purchased to support the full disinfection process, and they also support safe hospitality with a Covid manual.

Guests of the campsites can also live in mobile homes Photo: Magyar Nemzet

– During the epidemic period, we consider camping to be one of the safest forms of vacation.

In our campsites, guests can spend their free time on separate plots, in independent holiday and mobile houses, between them they travel on open-air roads, and everywhere, even in the public areas, there are spacious spaces. Ventilation of the water blocks is also continuous, the marketing manager listed the protection measures introduced in connection with Covid-19.

Orsolya Vadászné Székely stated that the guests of the 2021 camping season can expect at least this level of preparedness and safe holiday conditions.
– Pre-sales are already taking place in the units of Balatontourist, the data so far suggest that the interest in the possibilities of camping at Lake Balaton will not decrease this year either.

If the epidemiological situation allows, it is planned that the campsites will open in the second half of April,

and the seventieth season of Balatontourist can start, the expert said.

He emphasized that if the emergency restrictions were still in force at the planned opening in April, the campsites of Balatontourist would of course adjust to this and would open at a later date.
– Prospective

our guests have no reason to worry about their bookings that have already been made, they will contact everyone about possible rescheduling,

and if they so choose, they can request a full refund of the advances paid for the accommodation booking, he said.

The family can also vacation with animals in the campsites. Photo: Magyar Nemzet

Orsolya Vadászné Székely also mentioned that they want to celebrate the 70th anniversary together with the guests with more promotions and surprises than the patinated holiday company.

In 2021, Balatontourist Kft., The operator of the largest waterfront camping chain in the country, in Füred, Szemes, Balatonakali, Révfülöp, Balatonfenyves and Zalakaros will offer a total of 2,100 campsites, 225 holiday homes and 174 mobile homes for rent, as well as furnished, comfortable tents.

It is a pearl of the south coast

Huba Holovits, the mayor of Balatonföldvár, presented five development projects entitled Happy Summers of Peace to our newspaper, with which the southern coastal settlement can move forward in the list of popularity of visitors to the region. According to this, the interactive exhibition entitled Summers of Happy Peace Times in Balatonföldvár will be housed in a two-storey two-storey building in the Church Park, which fits into the historical environment and will hopefully provide a lasting experience for visitors curious about the local attractions of the period 1867-1914. – We are planning a small exhibition in the upstairs hall of our emblematic railway station, also in the 19th and 20th centuries. with elements of experience evoking the turn of the 20th century, such as the presentation of the railway around Lake Balaton and travel habits. In addition, the Mayor of Földvár added new attractive elements to the Maritime History Visitor Center at the highest point of the region, our heritage – Kvassay promenade, which is recognized with the Treasure of Somogy, and a marina built at the turn of the century, according to the mayor of Földvár. In connection with the uniquely beautiful plans, Huba Holovits outlined: as a result of effective marketing following the realization of the developments, the new image of Balatonföldvár will gain national and international recognition in two or three years, and the wide range of guests looking for happy peace times summer vacation. Earth Castle was built in the XX. It was considered a resort by well-known people at the beginning of the 19th century. Among the representatives of the scientific and artistic world, Kálmán Kandó, György Ránki, László Németh, Gizi Bajor, Szidi Rákosi, Viktor Rákosi and Jenő regularly spent their summers there. The settlement received the status of a city in 1992, and in 1994 it became a European winner, while a year later it took first place in the Flower Hungary competition.



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