Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Sport CAN-2021 QF: Guinea-Bissau scores through 3-0 win against Congo

CAN-2021 QF: Guinea-Bissau scores through 3-0 win against Congo

Guinea-Bissau qualified today for the third consecutive time for the African Cup of Nations (CAN) in football by defeating Congo 3-0 at home on the sixth and final day of Group I.

Guinea-Bissau’s goals were scored by Piqueti, in the 45th minute, Frédéric Mendy, in the 79th, and Jorginho Intima, in the 84th.

With this result, the ‘djurtus’ will be in the CAN2021, initially scheduled for 2021, but ended up being postponed to 2022 – despite maintaining the CAN2021 designation – in order not to coincide with the Copa America and the Euro2020, which were postponed due to the pandemic of covid-19.

Guinea-Bissau was at CAN2017 in Gabon in 2019 in Egypt and will now be in Cameroon.

Speaking to Lusa, striker Frédéric Mendy, who plays for Vitória de Setúbal, said that “football continues to bring joy to Guineans, despite all the difficulties” in the country.

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Guinean coach Baciro Candé, who won Guinea-Bissau in the three editions of the CAN, told Lusa that “the moment is to savor the qualification and then prepare to participate in the CAN”.

Even with the restrictions imposed by the High Commissioner against covid-19, after the end of the match, there was a party between the players, Federation leaders and supporters.



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