Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Home World Caring for Digital Skills, Dian Sastro Encourages Young Generation to Explore Potential

Caring for Digital Skills, Dian Sastro Encourages Young Generation to Explore Potential – Digital skills are one of the skills that must be possessed by all people who live in this technological era. Moreover, in the midst of a Covid-19 pandemic like this, many activities must switch to digital.

But unfortunately, according to a report released by PwC and UNICEF entitled GenU (Generation Unlimited) in 2020, one in three students worldwide or around 463 million young people cannot access online learning while schools are closed.

In addition, one in six teenagers have stopped working since the start of the pandemic. One of the reasons is because these young people have difficulty accessing the internet, do not have proper communication devices and digital skills.

Due to limited access and this gap, actress Dian Sastrowardoyo, through the Dian Sastrowardoyo Foundation, began to focus on improving digital skills in the younger generation.

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One of them is by introducing the importance of learning data science programming and data analysis through the M-Class webinar, with the theme “Exploring Data Analysis and Data Visualization Easily Using Metabase” with Hacktiv8 and PwC Indonesia.

“By introducing the importance of learning data analysis and data visualization from Hacktiv8, we aim to bring ICT knowledge closer to students and communities or organizations interested in this field. Hopefully, prospective programmers, web developers or data developers, data analysis and data visualization are expected. can meet the needs of digital and technology companies in Indonesia which are still very broad, “he explained in a press release received by

Moreover, the mother of two continued, programming science for data science, data analysis, and data developer can be learned in approximately 12 weeks, so that anyone who is interested in becoming a practitioner can learn it through informal ICT training centers.

In the webinar with Magnifuque, Djohan Pinnarwan, Corporate Responsibility Leader from PwC Indonesia, added that stakeholders must rethink their roles and responsibilities.

They can choose to contribute to closing skills gaps, preparing students to be more digitally responsive, and providing the workforce needs in line with changing technological advances.

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“In our opinion, this M-Class program can answer four important stages to help students reduce the digital divide, namely Connectivity, Access, Digital Literacy and Work-ready Skills,” he concluded.



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